Victron inverters and chargers were originally developed for marine use  and offer advanced quality and reliability - properties just as valuable in your motorhome.

June 2010

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Here you can take a look at the PHOTO GALLERY of some of the Victron products which are sold at There are multiple views of products to make it easier to see differences between alternative models and how they connect into your motorhome systems.

For greater detail and prices you can browse through our catalogue of our Victron products in the on-line shop at

Note that some of these products are our GREAT STUFF choices, for example the Phoenix Multi Plus Charger / Inverter and the BMV 600 Battery Monitor.

Victron products offer assured quality and advanced functions; they might cost a little more but not unreasonably so if you value quality.

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The Victron range includes powerful and sophisticated multifunction combined inverters / chargers which take over when you are away from a hook-up and automatically provide mains power to your motorhome’s built-in 230v circuit

There are also smaller inverters from 175 watts to 750 watts; the smaller unit can be plugged into a cigar lighter socket.  All are pure-sine inverters which deliver the highest quality power which is suitable for all types of appliances.

Victron inverters are all designed to make the best possible use of your leisure battery - and the company also offers the finest products to take care of this vital asset. Large and small battery chargers, battery monitors which give you accurate information at all times about the state of your battery and the available charge - and even the batteries themselves.