H2O countertop water filter connects to your tap without permanent installation

February 2010

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We don’t have space in our small motorhome where we can install a permanent water filter.

The H2O countertop water filter range provides an answer by connecting directly to our motorhome’s kitchen tap.

The filters also provide high levels of filtration which makes tank water safe and pleasant to drink. No more bottled water!

Here you can take a look at the PHOTO GALLERY which shows what’s included in the system and how simple it was for us to connect it up. You you can view pictures singly or as a large-screen slide show.

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The ePCT water filter is the model which we chose for our own motorhome (see model chart below). It is the smallest in the H2O range but still has a capacity of 5600 litres, enough to provide an estimated 12 - 18 months of usage for - say - a couple of people.

It is pictured here in our motorhome: the filter unit is freestanding and connects via a small diameter tube to the chrome valve  (supplied with the filter) which has been connected to the tap using one of the adaptors, also supplied with the filter.

The valve position can be selected to allow the water to be diverted through the filter and out of its spout at the top; or to pass straight through the valve without filtering.

See more photos in the slideshow.

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